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We'll forever remember 2006 as the year of two world changing mergers- Google acquired Youtube and Kendrick Clevor met Maurice Ladon.  One would change our experience online and the other would set a new precedence in music.


It was at the world-renowned Cleveland School of the Arts, in the choir, where Kendrick Clevor and Maurice Ladon first took notice of each other's talents and formed the powerful alliance and friendship that would result in the formation of Hybred years later.


The pair of vocal majors cultivated their music interests since grade school and dedication to the craft earned them coveted roles in the esteemed Jazz Art Ensemble and R. Nathaniel Dett Concert Choir where they performed throughout the U.S., alongside other select entertainers.


They practiced and performed relentlessly, honing their skills by participating in widely-respected programs with Cleveland’s Showagon, The Karamu House, Cleveland’s All City, and many others.


In 2012, Kendrick and Maurice took every dime they had and moved to L.A. to pursue their education and careers in the entertainment industry.


Far away from home, starting from scratch, in a city with no family or connections, the two worked to make their marks. During their journey, one would take a skill to new heights and the other would discover a hidden talent.

While studying fashion, Maurice Ladon dug deeper into his love for creating unique pieces. Before leaving Cleveland, he handcrafted prom outfits for several of his friends, including Kendrick. In California, it didn't take long before his skills were noticed by big brands and the opportunity to put his designs in stores globally soon followed.

In L.A., Kendrick Clevor discovered a love for dance while pursuing a degree in music.  He surrendered to this new gift which quickly took hold of his life.  Committed to fostering his personal style, Trap Grooves, resulted in him becoming a well-known choreographer and opening his own dance studio.


Though each were making strides on their own path of self-exploration, music would call them to come together.  Mutual friends heard their potential to make great music as a group before they had even considered it.


 “We’ve always made music together, sang and rapped on each other’s songs. But we never had the thought to form a group together.” - Hybred


After experimenting and sharing new music, they received positive feedback and Hybred was born the next day.

“We went through so many names until we decided on Hybred. We wanted to find a name that represented us both, two very big personalities, different, but blended together to make one ‘helluva’ combination.” – Hybred

Hybred's music is written through a personal lens of their own experiences, to connect with like-minded fans, get the party hype and keep em buzzed for a while.

Risque, cutting edge, and honest, their melody is a blend of hip hop and R&B inspired by artists such as OutKast, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, Notorious B.I.G., and many more.

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